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The Prettiest Thing....

Graphic Image of quote, a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear

Hi, I'm Senna & Thanks so much for being here♥️

The quote above sums up exactly what i believe....Aiming to put a smile on faces in this space by sharing what I love and inspires me….

A Creative Outlet for me, for sure. And mirrors very well with what I am so lucky to do every day in my career in costumes & Styling.... Fashion Lover, undeniably...

A Space to Dream, A Space to Fall in Love absolutely...

Let’s have fun! Come with me on a Style & Fashion journey and uncover what inspires you--what you want, need, crave--whether it’s links to shop a look, what to wear where, visual inspiration from tear sheets and mood boards or fashion shows and street style...see what i love & am coveting---or simply take the adventure with me into an collection of beautiful images….I’m here for all the pretty things and I’d love to have you come along… xo senna

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