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Senna Shanti is a Los Angeles-based Costume Designer and Stylist.


Senna got her start in the fashion business—where she excelled in the buying offices of a high-end department store and coordinating fashion shoots.  Next, taking hold of an amazing opportunity, she entered the world of film production working for a notable actor and then the amazing director, Terry Gilliam. 

Her leap to costume design was inevitable as it combined her passion for film & television and fashion…. expressing stories through clothes.  (check out her blog  here )….

Since cementing her career in the costume world, Senna has become a well-respected and in-demand collaborator, working for a wide variety of the very best costume designers in film and television, as an assistant costume designer and costume buyer…lending her strong sense of design and creativity to many high-profile, large-scale projects.

As an emerging costume designer, she brings a fresh approach and a love of character, to every project--combined with the wealth and range of experience she’s gained along the way. Senna has a keen eye, vivid and inventive imagination as well as brings enthusiasm and energy to projects to make the filmmakers’ vision come to life.

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